Iuridica - Help for everyone who seeks legal services in the Czech Republic

Iuridica is more than a directory. It contains details of official bodies. Anybody who seeks legal services or representation in the Czech Republic in dealing with, for instance, the customs or tax authorities or court proceedings can find key information about specialists. All the lists contain information about the foreign languages in which the different professionals can work and, when appropriate, areas of specialised expertise. The first Iuridica directory was published in 1992 and has been published annually since then. We have 15,000 records on our database. There is no other similar product covering this area. The data is gathered in two ways. Information about official bodies is obtained from the Ministry of Justice, the Finance Ministry, the Ministry of Interior, the Land Registry and the Office of the President of the Police of the Czech Republic. All notaries are listed in accordance with information supplied by the Chamber of Notaries of the Czech Republic. We contact the individuals or firms in the other proffesions to find out the information that they wish to have shown in the directory. This approach ensures that the information is approved by those listed and is not merely obtained from other sources. Furthermore, it ensures that the services and languages that are listed are actually available.

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